Sunday, March 25, 2007

A somewhat Japanese Saturday

Sakura trees in Japantown

The bf and I woke up to an argument this morning. What a perfect jumpstart to the weekend. Way to go Chris! Haha… Truth is we were both at fault. And at the end of our “discussion” everything seemed to boil down to the simple fact that we aren’t… Update: he just read my post. Don’t think he approved. “Too personal” were his exact words. Sorry! It wasn’t too exciting of an argument anyways. So no loss on your part. Really.

By 1PM, we were famished and ready to eat a horse (before we bit each other’s heads off). I don’t mean this literally daddy. No offense to your favorite animal (the horse). We quickly made up, showered and headed to the nearest “craving place” we could think of. Yeah. That’s how we pick restaurants. Based on cravings.

“What do you feel like now?”
“Umm I don’t mind something Asian. Something comforting and hot. Soupy noodles maybe”
“How bout Pho?”
“Sounds good, but we’ll end up smelling like Pho all day long”
“You’re right. Shanghai Dumplings? That’s somewhat soupy. Or Ramen?”
“Ramen’s good. Ramen it is then”

Where can one get speedy Ramen in downtown SF to feed 2 hungry (angered) souls? Japantown of course. Once we filled our stomachs with steaming hot Ramen, potato croquettes and fried oysters, I was ready to forget everything that happened and begin the weekend. Next stop: Sophie’s crepe for dessert. Yum! My fav: strawberries and Nutella crepe with vanilla bean gelato. This time I picked cinnamon and butter crepe with hazelnut gelato. A more neutral flavor we can share because strawberries are too “fruity” for him.

We then headed to Kinokuniya where I flipped through More magazine to laugh at how little “fashion” has changed since I was 15. Gap is still a dream brand in Japan it seems. And they’re still showcasing the same designer bags in the exact same colors - all on a 2-page spread. Hmm. I wonder which white bag I want next. The white Dior pochette, white Chanel tote or the white LV speedy? Wait. LV has 3 different white speedies. Look! They even labeled it clearly in Japanese “Spot the difference!” Clearly I was amused. At the Kinokuniya stationary store, I found even more joy in purchasing miniature mechanical pencils shaped like pigs. They’re so kawaii I couldn’t resist. Just had to slip that word in here or it wouldn’t be the full (kawaii!) experience. Sorry. Couldn’t resist doing it again. I’ll be mailing these to my kid sisters soon. More so for the youngest one because she’s a piggie at heart. Pigs rule Bones!

After all that, I went all out at Nijiya supermarket and bought some lotus roots for soup and a single peach drink. Tell me I’m not turning into a mom. What about the snacks? The pickled fruits? Anything? Nothing? I can’t. I’m on medication.

Dinner time – Iluna Basque with Lilian’s little brother. Came home, watched TV and learnt a new fact from Mentos and Diet coke explodes when mixed together. Don’t want those 2 in my stomach at the same time! Tired. Going to bed now. Not feeling too good after too much “comfort” food.

If only life were this easy

Look'ere. How cute

Bummer. No "shaker"

Iluna Basque

Piperade and stuffed calamari with squid ink over rice

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