Monday, March 26, 2007

Classic Pooh

I've always been fascinated by Pooh bear. Pooh with his short legs and positive ways. Pooh who makes everyone happy wherever he goes - mostly unintentionally but always because he has a heart of gold. On the whole, my friends would say my character’s akin to Eeyore if not Tigger. I don’t disagree with them, but it sure made me realize that the people closest to me are usually Pooh-like. It’s as if I need to be surrounded by positivism or I may just drive myself nuts. Having said all that, I couldn’t resist buying this card when I saw it in the drugstore today.

Such a simple thing to say but sooo thoughtful at the same time. Notice how it’s Classic Pooh on the cover? Classic Pooh is the way to go if you’re into traditional children’s illustrations such as Peter Rabbit. The original Pooh by A .A. Milne should look somewhat like this:

The newer Pooh bear however, having been taken over by corporate Disney, is plain tacky. No offense Walt. I've always been your biggest fan. Plus you did make Classic Pooh classic. Oh, I love my Pooh bear.

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