Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Broken promises

When someone promises to do something as simple as give you a call and doesn’t, how would you feel? Do you get sad? Or do you get mad? I’m thinking both emotions are inevitable.

First you’re bound to be a sad jack when the asshole/b**** breaks a promise. But after a while you may wonder, “Why am I even waiting?” Following a lot of potential (sad) crying and (sad) unnecessary thoughts you realize (now mad) “WTF? Why am I feeling this way? I’m not the arrogant person who disregarded my feelings. Why should I let someone other than myself make me feel this way?” F*** this s*** (mad).

If you can relate, let me reassure you that you’re not alone. I’ve been through this enough times in my life (and I haven’t lived that long) to a point where I feel like I should talk about it. The lesson I learnt? Nothing! My biggest problem? I’m still a sucker for the “ideal” world. A world where people keep promises – eventually. A world where people actually care. A world where your feelings are not disregarded or discarded like trash.

So how do I cope when my ideal world shatters before me? In the past, I’d cry and cry and cry. Today, I came to a conclusion that we just have to stop waiting for others to keep up to your expectations. They just won’t. And it’s NOT worth it! When your employees fail to perform, you fire them. When your students fail to perform, you suspend them. When your friends fail to keep their promises, I’m sure you’ll give them shit. When your potential date fails to keep a promise – you know the asshole/b****’s either playing games (which means it’s gonna happen again throughout your relationship together) OR just too busy to even think about you. So suck it up my friend and forget the ideal world. If you don’t expect, you don’t get disappointed. That’s my theory.

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edwin said...

haha u blog every freaking day! with pictures too! how entertaining...and u're obviously frustrated...kl is the way to go...