Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yes. I'm still here

And if you knew how busy I've been, you'd forgive me.

It's only looking busier too. Eep! Fingers crossed I don't kill myself (or the bf) this holiday season.

Days I'll be traveling

To summarize this past month: Amsterdam kicked ass. Canals are pretty. Cycling's cool. Herring smells funny. Smashpot's overrated. Oliebollen's a cross between a you tiao and a donut. I love, absolutely LOVE, Incanto. Fifteen was an experience and a long walk from central. Red lights are diff from purple ones. Green is good. Sinterklaas is a slave-driver? London was colder. Portobello market's as lovely as I remember. Gold Mine wasn't. Borough market's yummy. Monmouth cafe reminds me of Blue Bottle. Pierre Herme set up 2 stores. The bf's getting a new toy. The big sis got her new toy. Baby Travis is in the building everyone! I've lost my appetite. Macarune's last MVPS of '10 is on the 19th. And I'm short 3 presents for Christmas.


sue said...

U went to gold mine? I miss the duck at 4 seasons

Danielle Bumblebee said...

sue: i had to introduce the bf to the best roast duck rice in london :)