Monday, September 27, 2010

September's gift to me

...was another chance to throw a MVPS :)

Somehow all the flavors ended up starting with the letter C. I didn't even plan it! C for cranberry. C for coffee. C for cracking good fun! As usual, here's a list with notes on each macaron flavor:
  • Caramel fleur de sel: Swirls of homemade buttery caramel rounds this flavor up nicely. And a dash of Spanish sea salt gives it the perfect kick. Sweet and salty. What's not to like?
  • Coconut passion fruit: A new tropical flavor on our menu. While toasted coconut adds texture to the shells, the airy passion fruit buttercream melts in your mouth in contrast. I love playing with textures!
  • Café avec Bailey’s: Another beverage-inspired flavor. Think a shot of Bailey's in your morning coffee. That's what this is. Just sweeter
  • Cookies + cream: Need I say more? :)
  • Cranberry white chocolate: Quite a crowd pleaser, just like the popular American cookie. The tart cranberry hidden within each piece offsets the milky sweet Valrhona white chocolate buttercream. This is a limited flavor that's dependent on my fast depleting supply of freeze-dried cranberries from the States
While I hadn't planned the alphabet C-theme, I did make sure to have a good mix of sweet, savory, tart and something unusual to this batch; something I'll be doing for most MVPS moving forward. I'm calling it the flavor wheel, round and complete.

Thanks for coming everyone! I really appreciate how you most of you gave feedback almost instantly. Always love hearing from you :)

C for Chris? ♥


Yixiao said...

i love the alphabet theme!

Mags said...

Cranberry white chocolate, that sounds soo yummy. The other flavors sounds good too!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

yx: isn't it fun? i'm already wondering if i could go L for lemon, lime, lychee... or H for honey, hibiscus, hot chocolate...
mags: thanks! when u coming to visit so u get a taste? :)

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