Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More than I could ask for

Sitting on a plane, holding hands.

Our iPods playing different tunes.

Better than Ezra's "A Lifetime" came on.

I remember this song.

When did I hear it last?

It was for a TVC script.

For COM201?

One of my favorites.

Soundtrack for a Fight Against Teenage Suicide Awareness script.

Don't remember much of what I wrote but...

The scene began at a dining table of fighting parents.

Zoom in to a teenage boy's jaded face.

The sounds melt away slowly, presumably drowned by his thoughts.

Cut to football field.

Teen wanders aimlessly along the side.

Football hits him in the head.


Laughter is heard.

Cut to scene of teen carrying his baby sister, a small smile on his face.

Sunlight on their cheeks.

He whispered quietly in her ear, "Goodbye little one."

Scene blacks out.

CTA message appears.

VO goes: Don't be too late.

Boy did I love that class.

It was the same class where I met Livie.

Livie, my partner in crime during late night talks and dining hall meals.

Boba tea and outlet shopping.

Heels and miniskirts.

In the snow.

Dear Livie who introduced me to the bf then.

The bf who is now the love of my life.

I have a lot to thank for.

Family. Friends. Love. Career. Travels. Life.


It's all very real.


kopiwaiter said...

And all quite emo. :)

Anonymous said...

so sweet :)