Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Polka dots & hearts

Here are some photos of our Mother's Day celebration as promised. We're planning on doing checks and stripes for Father's Day's. What do you think?

Do, re, mi, fa, lo-la...

Mom & dad's prom-like photo. Looking smart kids!

"Horrors" in the car

Look who stole mom's heart when she wasn't looking!

Presenting mom her gift of bird's nest wrapped in polka dotted paper. Way to stay within the theme :) Viv got mom a Tittot sculpture and SQ did the Acca Kappa soap bar thing. Shin did a rain check. Maaaan...

Mom and dad with their signature smiles

Mom and me

Viv and Danny


The bf, there in spirit

The bf and I are "gone fishing" this weekend. Back again soon!


HoneyBubble said...


Sue said...

Soundsc ool! Do it.

Ed said...

ROFL. checks & stripes. u girls crack me up