Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun with Macarune

Snapshots of recent batches:

Vanilla bean macaron innard. While it's clearly a personal preference, I don't believe there's another buttercream that brings out the richness of vanilla as well as the paté a bomb variety. It's just so yummy!

Tahitian vanilla bean and raspberry macarons

Tahitian vanilla bean and raspberry macaron innard. For this flavor, I use a lighter meringue-based buttercream to bring out more of the raspberry flavor

Clockwise from left: pistachio rose, hibiscus, vanilla bean raspberry x2, vanilla bean

Raspberry, honey lavender, pistachio rose and hazelnut brown butter macarons for Hena's wedding*

Pretty as a picture*

*Wedding images taken from Hena's FB profile. Congratulations Hena + Mara!

Pistachio rose + passion fruit chocolate macarons


Anonymous said...


Fen said...

Wow, this is so lovely...

Beautiful colours, looking forward to your Macarune's Cookie Variety Pack...

Sue said...

Just beautiful! Wish I could have some right now

Danielle Bumblebee said...

Anon: Thanks ♥
Fen: Hope you enjoy your order!
Sue: If you're in SG, there'll be a next time ;)