Thursday, February 18, 2010

I heart "The Lover's Pocketbook"

by Raymond Peynet, published 1954.

This year, Valentine's day was overshadowed by the rambunctious more festive Chinese New Year. And while the bf and I hardly ever took this date seriously, I've always loved it for its pinks, reds and all things sweet. The only pink and reds we saw were lai sees and hong baos filled with $$$ - not that I'm complaining - but they were hardly Valentines.

So when I saw this lovely set on Flickr I got all giddy with excitement. What lovely illustrations! *swoon* Each carefully drawn piece says so much without having to say anything.

And my all time favorite drawing is rightly placed on the cover

So a very belated Valentine's wish to all with this, thanks to the generous folks on Flickr and dear Mr. Peynet.

PS: doesn't Peynet sound like penyet from ayam penyet? Just another one of my favorite things :)


agrasshopper said...

That's really cute. I wonder if we can find a real copy!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

yes u can! though not without a price. i checked on amazon n it was more than 100USD! crazy!