Thursday, December 10, 2009

The sweetest thing

The running joke for most Americans about going home during the holidays often involves dread and Everybody Loves Raymond type scenarios. While that may be true, and sadly inevitable sometimes, it is oh so rewarding when you experience the contrary.

This time around, I was reminded how much I miss being around my super sisters. Mom and dad were traveling in Eastern Europe, leaving 3 of 4 mischievous girls behind. So to complete the mix, Chris and I made a trip back to "babysit." Though really, we were the ones who needed babysitting - lol.

Can you believe being surrounded by 4 giggly girls for a whole weekend? And would you believe I have 3 sisters??! Kinda explains a lot doesn't it? :)

Here are a few photos of the weekend. Because I'm still trying to figure out how to upload photos from our new cam without them appearing pixilated help! see the rest on FB.

Chris trying his first toasted chicken floss and jerky sandwich lined with cool cucumbers and ketchup. You're Malaysian now love!

Little sis with Lola

Lola bola!!!

Shin's astronaut from a Cranium Cloodle

Our first time at Kayu

Little sis eating cheesecake with her fingers. And littlest sis squealing at the grossness of it all

At KTZ for supper (that was before wai sek kai and Sun Hin Loong)

Messing around with the little sis before dimsum at Grand Imperial

Chris telling a poo story before dinner. I kid you not

Quiet moments

How we spent most of our time

I miss you girls sooo much - XOXO

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