Monday, November 2, 2009

Not lazy

I've been baking every weekend. Really. I just haven't taken any photos. Working with lighting where we live has been super frustrating. There are shadows everywhere and I can't seem to get the soft natural sunlight we used to have in our SF kitchen.

Not to worry though :) The bf's gotten himself a new toy and I'll definitely "borrow" it for a few upcoming Macarune experiments. Today I made uber chocolate chunk cookies and they were addictive! Last week it was tangy lemon macarons, oatmeal chip cookies and Tartine Bakery almond rochers.

Here are some photos taken with the old cam:

The process

Mini vanilla bean cupcake with white chocolate cream frosting


Anonymous said...


i've been reading your blog and those macarunes...yummy! how did you manage to still stay so slim?

have a great week ahead!


serene said...
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serene said...

they look yummy as always!
anita's going down this weekend, i'm gonna get her to pack some for me!!!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

jojo: hi jojo, glad u're enjoying this n the macarons :)

serene: i have them ready. this time it's raspberry and amaretto (2 diff flavors). hope they make it back intact

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