Friday, November 27, 2009

Minding my Ps

I have a dangerous obsession with things that start with the letter P today.

Pound cake
Pumpkin salad
Pecan pie
Pies in general
Pistachio macarons


The first item was out of the oven long before this post. As always with Ina's recipe, it was absolute perfection and half devoured by the 3 of us within minutes. And the best part is, it managed to satisfy the bf's mom's craving for something lemony.

A big boo to Bobo who could've had a slice of her favorite cake but decided not to visit. Boooooo! Wish you were here. It's Friday night, and I'm BLOGGING! We could be drinking Macallans on a rooftop bar. Ok. It's not your fault. But we really should do that when I'm home next weekend k? P for promise pleeease!

Tomorrow will be pie day after TedX. You won't believe it but this will be my very first experience with homemade pie dough! Is it weird if I'm more excited about that than being at TedX?

If I'm not careful, I may just turn into the Pillsbury Doughboy.

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