Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend project

Before I post more photos on NY (sorry I've just been busy all week!), here is what I've been up to these weekends:

Making stationary for faraway friends! This one's made of recycled paper, old maps and post office themed rubber stamps. Gift tags included.

The friends we're sending these to are truly the most darling couple we know (we know many, so this was a tough label). Alice and Ron have retired long ago and been traveling the world for many years now. My family met them through a memorable trip to Florida when I was only 16, and we've been "pen pals" since.

Every time I get a letter with news on their raspberry patch in NY, a photo of their travels or sometimes even homemade cookies, it's like a pleasant little surprise in the mail.

So what's more appropriate than a traveler's theme letter set? :)


HoneyBubble said...

Nice! I like... :)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

if u're good, i might make u a set. but only if u're good kit :D