Friday, June 12, 2009


I had the best of nights today.

It didn't even start of well, which makes it the more treasured. The day began with me cursing softly into the mouthpiece of my phone followed by a tense afternoon constantly thinking and thinking about nothing at all. Or more accurately, nothing that could be fixed. As I rushed out of the office to make it to my last yoga class at Como Shambhala I felt even more tense at the prospect of walking into a room full of disapproving people in downward dog position.

At the light, I
SMS-ed a friend lamenting how I wasn't zen and continued cursing in short form at my inability to make time. She chuckled, as one manages via SMS, and consoled me with jokes. How lovely it is to be heard. During class, I performed well having repeated the routine a few times this month (my membership's expiring!). I can't describe the rejuvenating feeling one gets after a good yoga session, but it's akin to being on the mountains of Bhutan, taking in long breaths of fresh air and waking up to the sounds of waterfalls. It's just amazing.

A quick stroll on Orchard told me MickeyD's was right around the corner and that I should watch the new Transformers. I ended up at Isetan trying on bright-colored cardis and dresses at Marc Jacobs. The night could've ended there but as the bf would have it, I joined his fam in a packing session at the office. Five mere minutes in the quaint old shop house led to the discovery of unused tax invoice forms tinted pink. If you don't already know, I'm on a hunt for pretty recycled paper. After packing up my goodies, we made a quick trip to Serangoon's famous Hokkien Mee stall.

The sky was clear and I could smell the broth wafting into the air in puffs of steam. Gazing at the bf who was making small talk with the spindly man tossing fried rice with a heavy wok, I felt relaxed. At that moment, I was living in the now. And it was beautiful.

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