Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sky Blue Sky cupcakes

Last week, a friend texted to say she worked till 4AM one day. 4 freaking AM! So to cheer her up, I made these:

Buttermilk coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

This is my first time handling fondant and I gotta say, it's an awful lotta fun. Not very tasty but pretty attractive. Because of the cream cheese, these had to go into the fridge causing the fondant to kinda melt - ick :( Sorry Mun. Next time, I'll skip the frosting and stick with the cake.

Other Macarune research attempts this past 2 weeks include mini black and white cookies, Cookie Museum cookies (yes I'm replicating the $35 box of goodness!), brownies, green tea cupcakes, and lemon macarons. My next culinary attempt might be straight out of Alinea, inspired by Carol Blymire of Alinea at Home. Let's see what the mood is like when I get back from Hong Kong.

Things in the sky

All sunshine and smiles matter rain or shine


b0ryna said...

Danielle! They are absolutely adorable! Cutest cupcakes I've ever seen!!!

Ling said...

D, your exquisite cupcakes will never fail to cheer anyone up! Well Done ;)

sandhya said...

Danielle, I need some too when you come to SF ;) These are so cute!!

veron said...

ooh so adorable! glad you gearing up with macarune again!

shuquan chong said...

dumbo. how come u nvr make things lk these whenever u r home. >=(

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks everyone. they were a delight to bake!

sq: love ur smiley here.. lol >=(

Muhammad Hussain said...

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