Monday, April 20, 2009

Of love, hate and wisdom teeth

Everything seems to perish, break, rust and disintegrate 5 times faster here in Singapore. My Tahitian vanilla beans didn't survive the humidity and
rotted dismally smelling like gum paste despite being stored in layers of ziplocks. Doesn't help that Nielsen-Massey costs 3x more here than in the US. *Sob.

Baking perishables aside, which I've lost aplenty, we found mold on our Cakebread Cellars wine cases and worse, our shoes. Mold! It took everything out of me not to cry when I realized that leather doesn't last quite so long here without dessicant packs or proper storage.

So sure I have my problems with this city and how mother nature treats its inhabitants, but after almost 8 months, I've discovered the few things I love about being here:

  1. The fact that I could read on the train without experiencing motion sickness
  2. Dining alfresco by the water at 1 Fullerton, the Esplanade, Robertson Quay, Clarke Quay and Boat Quay
  3. The crew at work
  4. Coming out of the shower without having to adjust to the cold
  5. Milo dinosaur
  6. How butter turns to room temperature only 5 mins upon coming out of the fridge
  7. Being so close to home, family and Lola
  8. Dempsey Hill
  9. Wee Nam Kee chicken rice and Wah Hoe chilli crab
  10. That I'm only 2 hrs away from BKK, 4 hrs from HK, and 2 1/2 hours from Bali
  11. Refurbished old buildings (especially the pretty shop houses) reminiscent of what I learned in school
  12. The bf's fam
  13. The bf
  14. The bf
  15. The bf
Prepping for a long-awaited and much needed wisdom teeth extraction tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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