Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Bangkok jam but not so dangerous"

I'm suffering from writer's block.

That's my way of saying this post has so many pictures it's going to make your head spin.

I'm not one for random photo postings. But the bf's fam is at the hospital, I gotta get up early for work tom and I'm sleep-starved as ever with eye bags as clear as a panda's. So apologies in advance for the ramblings. Here are some highlights of our trip to Bangkok.

The kick start to our vacation: street side crispy deep-fried chicken skin. Don't judge. It was delicious

Fruity breakfast at the veranda of our room. We liked the unique offerings of Reflections hotel (check out the rooms!) and their friendly staff. But it wasn't until we entered the bathroom when we realized what brats we were. Cement floors and 1980 faucets don't cut it! At 2750 baht a night, I genuinely felt like we were roughing it

My first ever tuk-tuk

Pradiphat Road lined with pretty colored cars. Don't be fooled. Some drivers really don't care for road rules. Tip 1: Lonely Planet was right about the neon pink cabs. They're newer and much more comfortable. Pick those

Brunch at the Blue Elephant, my FAVORITE encounter in the city

Not only is this place beautiful, it serves authentic Thai food that have been long forgotten. For a brief moment, we went through the dining experience of Thai royalty in ancient times

The bf said this was possibly the most "fat hao" face he's ever seen on me and I couldn't agree more. I'm eating man! Cut me some slack

Mango with sticky rice. See how the fruit's so delicately carved. I don't know how they grow them here but they're sweet as nectar. Tip 2: the best place to get this traditional dessert is on the 6th floor of the MBK Center as recommended by the bf's sis

Eating cendol ice cream in a coconut husk. I like!

Possibly the most memorable meal we had in BKK. Right by the mini highway between Platinum mall and Central World stood a few food stalls surrounded by plastic tables. Each hawker sold the same marvelous salt-crusted fish along with a variety of basic Thai food: tom yam koong, papaya salad, pineapple rice, bbq'd meats, etc. Tip 3: Pick a place, order whatever, roll up your sleeves and dig in

A very satisfied bf lounging al fresco at Nest, in Le Fenix hotel on Sukhumvit

At the the largest market in the world, Chatuchak market. This place is really one-of-a-kind. You can buy anything from ceramic bowls to wild parrots smuggled from the Philippines. Tip 4: this market opens during the weekends and is a MUST-SEE. Do try to set aside 1 full day for it if possible

Little restaurant at Chatuchak

30 baht for a meal. Can't beat that can you?

Sirocco at the State Tower. I can go on forever about why I dislike this pretentious place but that'll just get me all riled up (again). It does have a gorgeous view though. And I recommend going to the Sky Bar if you're in the city. Tip 5: Just don't eat at Sirocco. Ever

Speech balloon because prawns can't speak. But if they did have feelings, that's what they'd be thinking

At a place with better atmosphere within the same building. Mozu was a beautiful bar/cafe with amazing service and a great pool view. The bf ordered a cigar while I sipped steaming hot water. Yes, we're old like that

Day 3: The boys' reunion

Clay and Andrew's first tuk-tuk

Ask them how our tuk tuk ended up in this dump. It'll be interesting I promise

Our first glimpse at protestors in Bangkok. We had to hop off our cab because of the traffic caused by these pro
Thaksin protestors

An even odder encounter

Meditation's highly recommended here

Andrew sulking because I made him take this photo

And finally, the possible cause of my food poisoning encounter 1.1.09. Tip 6: Try not to eat anything that's been pre-made but rather choose food that you can see cooked on the spot


Sawadeekap said...

Thai mangoes are better as their grown on fertilizer made with elephant some fermented love juice from a lamb...that's wat i was told anyway...pongkap

Danielle Bumblebee said...

khorb koon ka for the lil "fact" i *loooove* horse manure.... uh elephant crap