Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday nothings

I found these while unpacking today:

Sniff. It always takes so long to say goodbye.

The bf got me hooked on She & Him so I spent the day playing I Thought Saw Your Face Today, whistling to the chorus and remembering how a girl I knew once said, "Danielle, why are you whistling? You're a girl!" How nonsensical. I've been hearing a lot of these ridiculous "claims" lately (e.g. Manicurist: I don't want to file your nails too short cause shorter nails will look dreadful with dark colors. Or my favorite, Church pastor: I know this marriage will last because when I first met the bride she wasn't wearing any makeup). I kid you not. Will certainly analyze more if this continues to happen.

Meanwhile, I just miss whistling the Godfather soundtrack at work. Perhaps in a month, I will again. Or is that deemed too unladylike?

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