Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DC has left the building

Say "Singapore!"

Last Friday marked my last day at the Publicis building on The Embarcadero. So many memories and so much learned in just a few years. My teammates surprised me with flowers, champagne, iced cakes and a video appropriately titled "La Vie en PF" (an obvious inside joke).

The production was sweeter than the cakes, I had to refrain from bursting into tears. But alas I chose to complete the event with hard liquor instead. So those of us who could, ended the evening at Ana Mandara. After all, no goodbye is complete without more drinks.

KDW caught stuffing CDs filled with "memories" into my purse

KDW and me

I'm going to miss this crew.


Recent favorite IMs:

(7:39:43 PM) daniellechong@gmail.com/Home: love?
(7:40:02 PM) Chris Lau: boo! I love you!
(7:40:05 PM) Chris Lau: :)

me: i always feel weird when people call me CHONG
mmed: because you don't look like a Chong :)
mmed: you look like a Wang
mmed: Danielle WAAAAAANG

mmed: dont quote me unless i say you can

T: i'm saying this in the most heterosexual way: i like the way ur hair frames your face!!
i dont normally like bangs, but it works with you

(11:25:48 PM) Fat chips: btw are u the sort that throws away an entire batch (of macaroons) coz its not the right level of creaminess or moistness or whatever shit
(11:25:54 PM) danielle: yeah
(11:29:17 PM) Fat chips: dun b tied down by these imaginary boundaries
(11:29:23 PM) Fat chips: i think u can go ahead and sell CRACKED macaroons
(11:29:31 PM) Fat chips: crack them if they aren't cracked
(11:29:38 PM) Fat chips: that differentiates u from the ppl selling uncracked ones

(9:07:21 PM) sUEn: i feel surreal for you
(9:07:26 PM) sUEn: moving back after so many years
(9:07:37 PM) danielle: yeah.. pls do so on my behalf..
(9:07:40 PM) danielle: cause i'm still in denial


veron said...

good luck, danielle! Hope you continue blogging from Singapore.

ann said...

hey jen, i will be back in kl on the 8th sept. for 2 weeks. will u b there? hope we can catch up this time... by the way, i like ur bag! ;)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

veron: thanks.. i'll def keep it up if work doesn't take up too much of my time..

ann: i'm planning to going home first week of sept n possibly once again during my bday weekend.. cant confirm just yet but will let u know.. p/s: the bag's from ysl n is still in season if u wanna get one ;)