Monday, July 28, 2008

Garage sale "BONANZA"

Few things I gained from my first all-American garage sale:
  1. Up to $300 in sales of trinkets, clothes and random furniture
  2. Another pending $140 from the sale of our bed and Cyril desk to a college kid who's picking this stuff up in August
  3. The VERY important knowledge that early bird shoppers are mad. See here how not to be one of those
  4. Some muscle build (I'd like to believe) with the lifting and moving of things
  5. Knowing that packaging is everything (i.e. pretty signs do a great job attracting folks)
  6. A tan on my right arm and right arm only
  7. 5 business cards
  8. Sniffles and a runny nose from sitting out in the cold, Sunday
I've been aching to do this since I read the "Yard Sale" article in Real Simple magazine 2 years ago. For those of you who know me, you'll know that what I really wanted was to lay things out and make them look pretty for customers. With new intent to get rid of stuff before the move, there was increased pressure put on the event.

Thanks Trung and Borina for helping out! And thank YOU to whose who stopped by to keep me company. It was all great fun.

Posting signs up the day before

That way!

Borina doing the sign-man twirl


Standing proud with my handmade sign

Trung doing the garage sale dance

Trinkets for sale

Books and appliances and stuff

Trung and clothes

Quiet afternoon with Trung sketching in the shadows. When I started fidgeting, he very kindly asked, "Are you ok? Do you want me to entertain you?"

Hence the modeling of clothes. Lol. Thanks Trung. You really are the best!

Where am I?

Drinking beer like a hill billy to kill time

A few Singaporean tourists stopped by and admitted that the chances of them seeing a garage sale in Singapore are slim. For that brief moment, I felt a wave of sadness thinking of the things I'd be missing upon the move.


^cherie said...

I still remember ours [hb's and mine].. and what's worst is that we didn't even take any photos! :(

Our fridge, rice cooker, fan cum heater etc..

That was almost 8 years ago.

Trung said...

lmao...i love the hillbilly pic!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

cherie: wasn't it fun? my mom told me that pple are starting to do this in malaysia.. maybe it's time u start the trend in singapore?

trung: that's cause we're hillbilly wannabes!

^cherie said...

Hehehe.. Sg too hot!

I did flea market though. Twice. To clear all my stuff.. boy, i got pretty tan after that :P