Monday, July 14, 2008

All-American fun

Borina's 21 yet again

Yesterday was spent spring cleaning followed by a trip to Mr Smith's for well-deserved drinks. There, we met a professional kickboxer from Thailand who wouldn't keep his hands off strangers. He was stroking knees, kissing hands and leaning against people's shoulders, men and women alike. This poor guy had to be advised by his friend, "In America, you don't touch so much" followed by a, "I'm stepping away for a bit. Don't touch her (meaning me, who was unfortunately seated next to him) while I'm gone ok?" It was a creepy yet comical scene.

The night got even more comical when a girl on the dance floor started grinding heavily (is that the right adjective?) with a random short guy wearing a sweatband. What made him more repulsive was that he wouldn't stop bobbing his head and spilling drinks all over the place. Her girlfriend who was watching in horror, literally manhandled her in a rescue mission to save her from Napoleon. Calm folks as we are, we continued with mild vodka crans and eventually All-American Slams at Denny's: the sole explanation for this post's title.


Today, I took on the tedious task of clearing our craft room with season 2 of The Sopranos playing on TV. I love discovering stuff the bf left behind, his Sopranos box sets being one of many. As often as I display my passion for the show, I have to admit I don't approve of the gory scenes. Perhaps "approve" is a wrong word. It's more like I can't take them. Who wants to watch someone's head get smashed in with a hammer while eating Chinese takeout? Doesn't help that the directors are so good.

Sifting through ribbons and paper scraps collected from 1258 Comm Ave to 855A Greenwich St and finally where we are now, I found some interesting things. 100s of accumulated business cards. Sculpey molds left unbaked. Handmade Thank You cards for interviews. Old journals and pictures. Christmas cards addressed to "Chris & Danielle" over the years. Since when did we become an entity? Seems like forever.

Here's an encouraging card I made for the bf when he was looking for his first job:

I thought it was genius.
He gave a 5 second chuckle and forgot about it

Do boys even care about stuff like this?

And here's the one he gave me on our 1 year anniversary:

He thought it was genius.
I knew it was store-bought :)

I guess it's good that I'm keeping myself occupied with errands and baking. Otherwise, it would be another day of shopping. And the way I've been behaving on the phone with the lady at Myla lately (her name is Lily by the way) I don't deserve to "treat myself" more than I already have. Truth is I was ready to stop at the rather "practical" Ophelia, especially with Edwin's disapproving IMs, but Lily herself said, "Anya fits just divine. You should get that too!" And of course, I obliged, not just with one piece but two, because everything has to match. Good Shopaholics Anonymous sponsor as she is, SW stopped me at Sara with a very clear IM: "STOP!! You HAVE to stop!"

This is the last time I'm mentioning this place because I've sworn off it. But while final reductions are happening now. Don't miss it!


Anonymous said...

myla is beautiful. thanks for sharing!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

u're very welcome!

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