Friday, June 20, 2008

Quintessentially English

Cornish pasties. South Molton Street. Selfridges. Sunday roast. Oxford Circus. Park Lane. Covent Garden. M&S. Underground. Harrod's. Bayswater duck rice. Treacle tart. Ale pie. Camden Lock. Fish & chips. Tiffin. Caranaby Street. Tuck boxes. South Kensington. Dodgy. Hyde Park. Queensgate. Queensway. The Queen. Kingly Court. Portobello Market. Anise drops. Notting Hill. National Rail. Buttery flapjacks. Oyster card. Afternoon tea. 97. Clotted cream. Wicked. Bayswater. Waterloo. The Thames. WH Smith. Waitrose. Cheers love! Quid. Pound. Pence. Bond Street. Claridge's. Patisserie Valerie. Soho. Ladurée. Fortnum & Mason. Wagamama. Crisps. Topshop. Bangers & mash. Chips. Mews. Sainsbury's. Victoria & Albert Museum. Boots. Wotsits. London Eye. Piccadilly. NatWest. Jubilee line. Beano comics.

Words I haven't used since 2004. And
they all came back to me last week in London.

Day 1:

Shopping at Selfridges, Topshop, H&M, etc.

Dinner at the wrong duck rice place...

We thought we were at Gold Mine (where the chef who used to work at Four Seasons currently is) only to discover 3 days later when we went back for seconds that we had the wrong restaurant! Regardless I had crispy duck at Queensway 4 times last week

Quintessentially girlie: masking in the hotel before our night out

With Bliss' Lighten Up mask on

I swear we don't usually do this. Swear on my shoes. ALL of them

Shortly after we left a club to celebrate a friend's bday, we made our way to Milk & Honey

...and so the night ended

Day 2:

English breakfast at a bar. No fussy mimosas or eggs benedict. Just iced cider and hearty meat dishes

Suen and her Sunday roast complete with Yorkshire pudding and mint sauce

My English breakfast. I remember the toasts and tomatoes used to be drenched in oil. This plate was fairly healthy though. Ahem

Covent Garden

Softy at Covent Garden

Paul Patisserie for macaroon research

Shoe shopping (for Suen mostly)

This was when we discovered she had lost her credit card

Colorful walls at Covent Garden. Hidden within is a lingerie store that made GBP200 on a corset that day

Suen calling about her CC

From credit card to Candy Cakes

This place was so adorable I couldn't resist getting a cake. The concept is simple. Muffins glazed with candy-like frosting at a royal icing consistency, decorated with candy. I had high expectations only to discover that it was...

...not-so-candy like. Ech. The lady at the cute lil' French store next door told me they were moist and yummy, but they just ended up being disappointingly dry and artificial. For GBP4 I could get better cakes at M&S. Still it was a cute store, so much kudos for that

Afternoon tea at Claridge's

Scones, sticky clotted cream and strawberry jam

Loved the Tiffany-like tea set and cutlery

I was horrid in these shots looking like I was (as Suen said) "scared" or terrified. So this ended up being the best shot despite how I looked like Humpty Dumpty. Shortly after was Indian food from the east eaten from boxes at the Metropolitan Hotel, while Suen worked

More to come once this jet lag passes.


The bf said...

wow! have to say looks like fun... worth 4 grand.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

it would've been a lot lovelier (and possibly cheaper for me) if u were there


Eddie said...

HHmmmmnn... Milk & Honey... Players... AKA... Champagne... Cocktails... Harvey Nichols... Slone Street... Marylebone High Street... VQ... Patisserie Valerie... Greasy Spoons... Foyles... Walking, Dancing n Singing Aimlessly... Nostalgia...

Danielle Bumblebee said...

mmmmm.. eddie's singing and dancing on the streets.. that's what was missing this time around..