Friday, May 2, 2008

A sense of achievement

Finally I've mastered the art of chocolate French macaroons, the trickiest of all macaroon flavors. And I know because even David Lebovitz couldn't get it a 100% right. Boy do I feel a sense of achievement. With the French meringue method too! I mean sure a lotta folks have it down by now. See here, here and here. But 1000s have gotten into Harvard, and I'd still feel pretty freaking AWESOME if I did.

Filled with vanilla buttercream instead of ganache because my gf thinks that's too rich

I bumped into my Freshmen year Physics lab partner today. After 8 whole years of not being in contact, we randomly meet in the city of SF. It's surreal.

Especially how he reminded me of my first B in college.

The same one that made me cry.


sabrina said...

I just adore your macarons! They're perfect!

Nice blog btw

dan said...

I can't believe you cried over a B! What's wrong with you? ;)

Angry Chinaman said...

a sense of achievement over a chocolate macaron?? %#(%#@%)*#@)% GET A LIFE CHONG =)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

sabrina: thanks! these actually need a lil more work.. but i'm determined to make them better

dan: first Bs are tough ok? :)

angry chinaman (aka TAN): when was the last time u 1. baked macaroons? 2. baked chocolate macaroons? 3. felt a sense of achievement?

there u go :P

Veron said...

Your chocolate macarons look fabulous! They are pretty tricky and I notice the batter gets pretty stiff and mine ends up with little feet - I need to remember it does not need as much nuts as other macaroon flavors because of the addition of cocoa powder. I also find the type or even brand of cocoa powder affects everything about it from the feet to the flavor.