Tuesday, May 13, 2008

High-level shopping strategy

I'm spending this summer in London with Suen and my lil sis (who's turning 18!). As we're planning where to go and what to buy during the precious week, Suen mentioned how she found a gazillion things she covets from this month's Elle UK. The plan is for me to get a copy of that and discuss over IM in detail what to buy as we're planning our trip. How's that for new-age shopping?

I love being globally available.


Petrina said...

OMG I checked with Suennie and I wont be there in London yet!!! Can you guys come a week later?!?!


Danielle Bumblebee said...

we can't move it cause miss suen's tied to her work schedule :(

i'll be in london all through the 18th with shu quan celebrating her birthday.. hopefully we can still meet.. who r u going with?

Petrina said...

We're arriving on Friday 20th early morning! We leave for Barcelona on Sunday morning, 22nd... So can meet up either Friday or Saturday if you're still ard.

I'm coming with my parents and Rommel.. My brother I think finishes school on 20th then he comes down too! :D