Sunday, April 27, 2008

There's a first for everything

  1. Getting kicked out of the dry cleaner's
  2. Watching a band you didn't know
  3. Loving vodka like it's water
  4. Being called shallow and lovely at the same time (I am SO not shallow you-know-who-you-are!)
  5. Walking through the Stockton tunnel at 12:30 in the AM
  6. Greeting beaming late night workers on their way home
  7. Spending Saturday night with Hulu
  8. Allowing yourself to be lectured/advised on something you didn't quite care about
  9. Making lychee martinis on a whim
  10. Saving $3 on bus fare walking downtown, and making an impulsive purchase 400 times that

That sums up my week.

I do so wish Livie or Wendy (even the bf!) were here to shop with, cause it starts to get old without company.


Gerald Chong said...

the coat's design looks like a wallpaper :P

Danielle Bumblebee said...

it's SO not wallpaper material.. dammit :P

agrasshopper said...

very pretty!

Wendy said...

i LOVE it!!! so cute! :)