Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saying yes to carbs

3 years ago, my best friend and I were at The Cheesecake Factory stuffing ourselves silly with their signature dark wheat bread. After asking for second and third helpings, the server didn't even bother to be tactful, and blurted out: "I see you girls certainly aren't on a low-carb diet!" In our moment of buttery bliss, we weren't offended but rather just nodded cheerfully -- mouths full.

This, has been 1 of those carb-loving weeks. Sure I gained 5lbs from heavy drinking in March but who's saying carbs are fattening, right?

Nasi goreng belacan

Ramen noodles courtesy of Auntie Christine

Matzah brei with applesauce and maple syrup

A dash of cinnamon and tons of butter makes this oh-so-good!

Japanese tomato rice: the same kind served in kids' meals on airplane-shaped plates with a bottle of Yakult and chicken karaage. Yum!

Soup loaded with pasta & chunks of Acme Bread Co's epi loaf

Straight from a can, because I don't always have time

On a similar note, I just spent the past 6 hours baking. Non-stop. On a Friday night! Ugh...

Just had to get that out of my system ;)


Veron said...

I do love my carbs. all in moderation.

agrasshopper said...

When are you flying over to cook for me? Mmpph!

Anonymous said...

Another carb lover signing in!


okwang83 said...

haha Peter and I just recently went to the Cheesecake Factory and I told him about that smartass waiter we once had..

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks for stopping by everyone.. carbs rule! :)

Muhammad Hussain said...

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