Thursday, March 20, 2008

More shots from Casey's visit

...each captioned as they were named:

Casey, Casey's bro Chris and me at Slanted Door

Mr lee, chris n case' arm.jpg

Unenthusiastic Bastardo.jpg
(from Casey's cam)

Group - chris lookin thrilled.jpg
(from my cam)

Sad lil boy.jpg
We saw this little darling in tears on our way to lunch, and when I said hello, he tried to follow us to the restaurant - with his poor mom calling behind us!

The handsome guy.jpg
3 guesses on who named this one. I can't tell if he meant the statue or...

CC = Creepy Crab.jpg

Creepy Crab King.jpg

Creepy Crab Queen.jpg



1 Million USD Candid Shot.jpg
This was Casey getting back at me for always taking candid shots

Calpico hello kitty macho casey n thirsty chris.jpg

Calpico hello kitty n macho case.jpg

Calpico hello kitty.jpg
J-town always brings out the best in people

Dinner at houstons.jpg

Case n lights.jpg


Big Boys Oven said...

you got a great amcarons collection there! awesome!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks! ur goodies aren't too bad either :)