Saturday, March 29, 2008


  1. Leave your debit card at home
  2. Carry zero dollars in your wallet
  3. Forget your laptop charger (towards the latter part of the trip, that is)
Those are all things "NOT to do" when traveling for business. Of course I ended up committing all 3 blunders and tried hopelessly to ease my furrowed brows with long salt baths. Tip: works for the calm, but not the neurotic.

As with every work-related trip, there wasn't any expectation for sightseeing opportunities. In this case, I really wasn't expecting brutal crime to happen 3 blocks down from where I got my dinner, especially not where I was staying. If only kids knew to think before they do stupid things. May Sean Patrick Conroy rest in peace. I hope all is well with his family.

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