Sunday, November 2, 2008

A collage reminder that

...I wasn't always as boring.

"Low-key" celebrations

Client dinners

...educational research and shoots


Girl's night outs


Week night catch-ups


...and long hikes

I kinda had them all.

So far I've managed to fill these gaps with the bf, family and explorations of itty-bitty Singapore. Less desirably so, with work. *Groan. Once I figure out how to build another life without letting OT get in the way, there'll be more pictures to share. I'm optimistic that way.

Next item on the list (to fill the void): travel.


b0ryna said...

Danielle! Don't sound so down...things will look up and life in Singapore will outshine life in SF! When life gives you lemons you gotta make some yummy lemonade (Danielle style!) :) Miss you lots!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks dear... it does get better knowing that once work settles down, i'll learn to love this place a little more.. meanwhile, i miss our costco nights, dinners together and chats about the bfs' boxers :)

was thinking bout that the other day.. please come visit!