Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New digs for my trip home

That's Singapore and KL for now.

I got these flats from Tod's (all thanks to dear Wendy)

They're primarily to replace the sad and forlorn 2-year old Burberry ones I have

Sorry I never treated you any better. I'm truly remorseful, especially since you've been so loyal and SO faithful matching almost every single 1 of my outfits. More so because I'll never be able to get ballet flats like you ever again what with all the buckles and patent linings in season now *Sob

Moving on...

An Anlo dark denim dress I got from Bloomie's. This was originally $290 with an almost 70% markdown. Steal! Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't buy a mini like this considering how I live in windy SF. In addition to that, most of my dresses are usually soft cotton weaved with lace, comfy modal jerseys, or floaty silks and chiffons. This however is just far too casual (perhaps kiddy is the word) for my style and not like anything I've worn since Form 2. But considering how I am going home to family and a bf who treats me like his baby, I guess it's ok to be a lil "young" for once :)

Practical shoes for work from Burberry. Boring

Moving on...

My $7 top. Yes, no kidding. It's about a 90% markdown from the original price and from some store in the Mission. Can't remember which. The picture doesn't do it much justice. It looks way better on, and has a heavy-like textile that I like. Will take more pics when I do wear it

Considering all the shopping and (over) eating I've been doing, I have to admit that they're just my way of stalling any thought of possibly having to make a decision. The decision to plan the bf's future and mine. And the decision to deal with what's really happening.

I'm ES-pecially excited for this trip because I know it'll be a real learning experience. Of course, it's also cause I haven't seen the bf in what seems like FOR-ever. 2 whole months!

3 more days and counting...

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