Monday, October 22, 2007

Terry & Borina's Thanksgiving party

Terry and Borina had a Thanksgiving potluck and we were there long enough to have a good drink or 2, and met up with some old friends (and some pretty cool people!).

The girls


Stuffed mushrooms straight OOTO

Look who's sneaking a mushroom

Terry the Iron Chef

Look how beautiful

Happy chef
It was really nice seeing Terry in action

Borina looking hot

The bf and Nate looking hot

Nate the chief Sangria maker

Glorious ham

Glorious turkey we didn't get to eat cause we had to leave. Boohoo

Always a backup plan

Pretty flowers I picked on our way there

They made a good decor for the rose macaroons I brought to share

Sorry we couldn't stay guys! I can only imagine how great the turkey must've been.

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