Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Excitement at Bi-rite

After a heavy Chinese dinner at the House of Nanking, Aunty Christine suggested that we all get “something sour (tangy)” to digest our meal. I of course, had just the place in mind: Bi-rite creamery. I know I could’ve suggested a gelati place with variations of sorbet and gelato, but Bi-rite’s just way too local to deny.

So Bi-rite it was.

We cruised to the Mission and upon arrival, the bf started frowning because there was no parking in sight (despite how we’ve been to the area about a million times and should’ve anticipated it). So while the poor bf rounded the area, AC and I made flavor selections. We sampled vanilla, coffee crunch, balsamic strawberry, and ginger before deciding on honey lavender (me!) and lemon (AC).

Sweet ol’ Dave (whom I called “Sir” Oops!) at the counter gave us kid’s cones albeit the “KIDS ONLY!!!” sign. Cones in hand, AC and I stepped out of the creamery, wandered around looking for the bf and finally found him in his car lodged between 2 others. Stuck!

“How did this happen?” I asked pseudo-amused, chewing on bits of sugar cone
“2 girls stepped out of the car (Subaru) and said that they’ll be back soon”
“Did they say how soon? Cause you’re a little less than an inch away from them and a full 5 inches away from him (white SUV).”
*Baffled “I don’t know. I was ready to leave but I saw you and AC walk the wrong way, so I stayed and the girls just parked right behind me” *A little pissed “And I don’t wanna be the kinda person who honks the horn” *In dilemma

We waited 10 whole minutes, before the bf forwent his principles and honked his horn. 6 times.

A Mr. nice eyes (with curly hair) walked by (with his teeny dog in hand), pointed directly at the bf (with his well-manicured finger), and whispered to me (with his pursed lips), “Is that him honking?” as if no one in the neighborhood ever honks.

“Yeah, we’re stuck” I answered in defense
We both stared at the car for a moment
“I don’t blame him. It is a little tight. Are the 2 girls at Bi-rite?”
“Oh you saw them go in?”
“I saw them go that way. I just thought they were in there”
“Well I checked and they’re not”
“That sucks” *Walked away shaking head

After another 10 minutes, I rang all 4 doorbells of the apartment building next to B-rite to find out if the Subaru belonged to anyone.

1st bell: no answer
2nd bell: girl with dog (and dreadlocks) said “Naw, I don’t know anyone”
3rd bell: mid aged man grumbled “No”
4th bell: no answer

At the last bell, I saw a cyclist guy walk into the apt and stared at him forlorn. He didn’t look like the 2 girls described and he wasn’t home, so he certainly knew nothing about the Subaru BUT he must’ve read my thoughts when he asked,

“Did you need help with anything?”
“Our car’s stuck. Do you know who owns this one (Subaru)?”
“No. I can check upstairs. It’s prob those crack heads from the 1st floor”
“Really?” *Amused
“That’s the best way to describe them really”
“Oh don’t worry about that. I already did”
“I’ll do another check just in case”

Surprised by his generosity to help, we watched him step into the apartment building. Then the bf and AC headed to Bi-rite market for a quick check, while I hummed to myself watching the car.

“THEY ALREADY AAASKED ME!!!” a piercing voice came from upstairs. I looked up to see the girl with a dog and waved. Bad move. She glared at me and shouted once again “THEY ALREADY AAAAAAAAASKED ME!” *Murmurs in the background and dog barking.

Moments later, the bf and AC returned. Mr. nice eyes behind them. Cyclist guy ran downstairs palm bleeding and all.

“Were you sure they lived in this building?”
“Not really. We kinda guessed” *Guilty
“Well this search better be worth it cause I just got bitten by a dog. I went to ask the girl with the dog and she called me a faggot. Can you believe it? FAGGOT? So I knocked on her door to question her and her dog came running at me”

Mr. nice eyes’ nice eyes went wide in shock and he tsked in disgust, "This is easily a lawsuit right here." The 2 proceeded to gossip and/or plan an eviction. AC joined in the fun while the bf checked the clock. We had been waiting for 45 whole minutes! Passersby stopped to offer tow-truck numbers but the bf hesitated while Mr. nice eyes with curly hair and cyclist guy insisted, “Those girls are obnoxious! I’ve seen them before!” Lesson learnt: don’t piss off the neighbors.

In the end:
Cyclist guy found out who owned the white SUV and got her to move it.
Dave from Bi-rite came out to offer help only to find it was too late.
Mr. nice eyes with curly hair vowed to watch his dog more carefully “now that there's an evil dog running around the neighborhood.”
The passersby called a tow-truck.
And we all went home amazed at how this would NEVER have happened in KL amongst strangers.

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