Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yet another tech party in SF

ZO darling and me

Being part of the tech-ad industry in SF also means getting invitations to a multitude of parties. Even though I’m no longer in that thriving industry (I’m in another. I swear I’m cool.) I still receive the occasional 1 or 2 invites. This time, it was Blue Lithium’s at Butterfly on The Embarcadero.

Having been removed from that world since last November, I didn’t even know what we were celebrating. Was it a promotion for Blue Lith's MingleNow (the MySpace for avid partiers) site? Was this an annual party just for f***s? I really didn’t know. All I knew was that there was calamari served in miniature take-out boxes, multiple shrimp cocktail platters, an everlasting oyster bar, and more importantly an open bar. That's really all I needed. Thanks for the invite Abraham! I love how thoughtful you are, but stop drunk txt-ing me at night – you crazy media people.

I had to rush to Butterfly from work and leave early to hit the gym to prep for my weekend trip to LA. More on that next time! Btw, these aren't my pics. You can find more here on MingleNow.

Guess who's making oyster selections?

It wasn't that great but hey, seafood's seafood

Me, Abraham's assistant, Abraham
and some guy name Sean (I think)

Random girl, me and Abraham's assistant
I really should've had less to drink


Olivia said...

omgosh lookie at the food.. i'd prob finish that entire tray of oysters on my own!!

lookin fwd to ur LA post reviewing ur eating adventures out here.. miss u both tons. come back!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

:) we miss u TONS too!

waiting for u to come up memorial day.. tried bookin french laundry but it's impossible.. stupid showy place.. i guess auberge du soleil'll have to do.. check it out!