Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oatmeal papaya soap

I really have become a mom. Some would argue that I’m more of an Asian Martha Stewart. But that’s kind of like being a mom. Funny though. Cause when I think MS, I don’t think mom. But when I think “like” MS, the word mom comes to mind. Maybe it’s cause the original MS who was kinda mean before getting convicted for felony just never struck me as a mom. Moms are nice people who pack your lunches, give you kisses before you head to school, tuck you to bed and throw nice parties NOT yell at you when you don’t follow instructions (she did that on Oprah once to a woman who was folding sheets the wrong way) or get charged for insider trading. Haha. Oh well.

So back to why I feel like a mom. It's not cause I think I'm "nice." I'm really not. Let me explain. Last weekend, I had a birthday party to go to but ended up stuck at home in the afternoon because I was sick. So instead of buying the birthday girl a present, I made her bars of oatmeal papaya soap. They’re not unlike the papaya-scented teacup candles I made before. These are just way more convenient cause they take 5 minutes to prep. The ridged pattern you see on the soap came from my recyclable ridged cardboard mold (a Gap Dream perfume package). I used oatmeal as an exfoliant because that was all I had in my kitchen. Coarse sugar and lavender make great alternatives depending on the chosen scent. If there’s anything I love to do, it’s packaging homemade gifts. This time I layered light green tissue paper in a small box and separated the soap with recycled petal paper.

Tell me I'm not a mom.

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