Sunday, March 11, 2007

[Non]evolution of clubbing

Velvet, KL 07

I woke up this morning realizing that there’s only one more day till I’m no longer home alone. Playing solitaire for a week has been pretty damn depressing. I think I kinda forgot how to live on my own. Not sure how it happened, but I’m figuring it out. Last night I went clubbing with the boys to reminisce about KL and to avoid driving myself nuts alone. It was fun watching morons (not my friends!) twirling glowsticks while “dancing.” All night long we wondered how we ended up in a hip-hop free zone. I couldn’t even tell what the DJ was doing; so-called House? So I casually asked a newly met acquaintance/friend “How do you dance to this? Looks like everyone’s just jumping up and down” to which he responded, “That’s why you gotta take e.” Umm. No thanks. Because he obviously didn't help, I decided there and then that instead of the usual butt-shaking movement you make with hip-hop, I’d just do the up-and-down movement (aka jumping) or front-to-back movement (don’t ask). Eventually, after a few drinks, we danced anyway and left at 4. It was fun, but nothing like KL.

Clubbing at home is almost always 10 times more fun. Don’t get me wrong. If the boys ask again, I’ll go out with them in a heartbeat. Perhaps it’s the lack of need for cover, or the drinks that come in actual glasses. Maybe even the availability of tables that sit high above the dance floor or the club interiors? I don’t know. I think it’s just the simple fact that I get to do it with family (I miss you darling Viv) and old friends. Friends who’d come out on a week night even if they have to work at 8AM the next day; friends who somehow or rather know the club manager and get special treatment; friends whom I can dance with all night long and feel absolutely safe in their arms; friends who take care of my drink; friends who know where there is/isn’t a roadblock (thrilling!); and finally friends whom I adore with all my heart. I miss you all so much.

Come to think of it, clubbing everywhere else in the world has been fun only amongst friends from home. In Boston I had fun at Rumor with Liv, Dan and Chris – a multiAsian group. Take London as another example. If it weren’t for Suen and Nadia, I wouldn’t have had half as much fun at Funky Buddha or Tantra. True I enjoyed myself in English bars chatting about American politics and good teeth. But when it comes to clubbing, there’s something about feeling at home.

Ruby Skye, SF 05

Suen's apt pre-clubbing, London 04

Tantra, London 04

Post-club Kayuga Boston, 03

Rumor Boston, 03

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