Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cubicle loss

Life in a cubicle can get cozy. Mine’s a little nook with my back facing the open. Meaning my IMs and search-results are wide open and for all to see. Even then I love it. The thrill of not knowing who may be watching and the idea of getting away with salivating over the weekly LookBook at excites me. The other agreeable characteristic of my little nook is that whatever knickknack I choose to display not only works to provide me some form of nostalgia, but creates a “Danielle only” area. Of course if you’re say Max, and you choose to hang strings of garlic at your “Max only” area, that says a lot about you too. I can’t elaborate further for now, because in the case of my current desk all you’ll see is a clean working area with nothing more than an organizer, two pens, a stapler, post-its and some tape. This really means I’m all about my work and I’m not planning on putting anything up just yet so I maintain whatever mystery’s left around me as the “new employee.”

While I enjoy the pseudo-confinements of my cubicle, others may loath it. My girlfriends however, just can’t live without it. Addictions to online shopping and playing Internet hooky aside, some really grow a dependency towards life within a cubicle. Take my ex-coworker from agency PD for example. Recently Lori moved on to a trendier agency named RB with a loft as an office. The idea was to eliminate cubicles and walls to create a more open space conducive to teamwork and collaboration. Sounds perfect right? Problem is Lori no longer eats. Her discomfort of eating in public outweighs RB’s good intentions. Therefore, point made today is: cubicles really aren’t that bad (strings of garlic aside).

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