Friday, August 1, 2008

This is not a vanity post

...but rather one to express surprise.

I went to work today with unwashed hair, NO makeup, a simple black tee and my darkest denim jeans: everything to create a silhouette that says, "I'm really not bloated. Leave me alone." Thrown over this prosaic outfit was a chunky striped cardigan with bright red thread sewn through extra-large buttons. Pretty as it is, especially since it was a gift from the bf who has damn good taste, it flatters no feature on my body except for my inherited (Mom, not you again?!!) childbearing hips where the seams rest.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into La Salsa and was immediately told that the fish burrito and salad I ordered was on the house. Half awake I looked at him startled, "Are you

"Yes yes. Don't worry bout it"

As if a private conversation had already taken place, this sweet little man's friend who was making the burrito turned to me and said, "This is special for you! Come again and bring friends."

Bear in mind, there was a line of 8-10 tourists waiting to order their own burritos.


Sure my I spilled Greek yogurt all over my purse (cell phone, camera, journal, wallet, and God knows what else) this morning. And yes, today's my last day at work this week before leaving for Vegas and the LA photo shoot, meaning there are a ton of to-dos in my inbox, and nothing complete in my outbox.

It's still a f'king good day.


Trung said...

LOLOLOL...what is SF going to do without you??

^cherie said...

THAT is awesome.

Pretty girls.. and their advantages.. UNFAIR! Heeeee.. :P

Angry Asian said...

What's with all these little comics involving asians? #(@!*#$@)%*)$U(#*$ I'M GONNA BLOODY REPORT U to THE ASIAN FAN CLUB 42Q#($#@%@(

tan su ann said...

hello angry asian
i hope you will feel better soon...

angry asian said...

thanks su ann...but you see, if i felt better...then i wouldn't be an ANGRY asian anymore right? THEREFORE GODDAMN THIS SHIT #@)Q$*2)!$*)@$*)$*)!@ I AM AN ANGRY ASIAN

Danielle Bumblebee said...

trung: back tonight! :)

cherie: perhaps it was this particular man's affinity towards women on bad-hair-days.. lol..

EVERYONE: pls don't mind "angry asian" crazy rants.. he's a friend in disguise trying to cause a stir on my blog as a joke. i know who u r angry asian :P

angry asian said...

that's what u think danielle...u think u know...i am as angry as an asian could be...#######

Muhammad Hussain said...

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